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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH is up (3/22/20)

All updated!. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy amidst this crazy COVID-19 ordeal. Take care of yourselves, and try to stay home so you don't spread this thing even more. Oh, and if you've been having trouble getting the site to load, try adding https:// to the URL. I think I finally have SSL working.

DgH update (3/15/20)

Here it is. On time update and everything. Enjoy!

DgH is back (3/8/20)

We're back! Sorry for not updating last week. Work was crazy, and I just didn't have the time or energy to get it done. Also ran into some issues getting this week written; it was a big challenge getting the dialog just right, and I'm still not sure I nailed it.

DgH is up (2/23/20)

Updated! I always feel a little weird about this intermediary plot setup issues... anyway, hopefully things will get rolling here in short order.

DgH is back (2/16/20)

The comic is back up after a missed week. Enjoy!

DgH is up (2/3/20)

Updated! Probably no comic next week, but we will have to wait and see how my time works out.

And we're back! (1/26/20)

DgH is up!Sorry about the lack of an update last week. My computer is still plagued with problems, but at least I have it back at home and it works well enough to get the comic done. Anyway, enjoy the update!

No DgH this week (1/19/20)

Had some computer issues that consumed my whole weekend, and didn't want to have to rush to get things done, and I've got some big work projects coming up. So... check back next week, should be updated then.

DgH is up! (1/5/20)

Here it is! New title pic, yay! Slightly early update, too. ^_^

Happy New Year! (1/5/20)

Our update is a few hours early! I also want to do a new title pic in the next couple days, too. I never really liked the current one at all...