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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

No Demongate High update (9/16/19)

No comic this week. I wanted to take a little break, and deal with some other work. Next week should be on time, though.

Demongate High updated (9/9/19)

I thought this week would take less effort to complete. Finally done, on time at least. Enjoy!

DgH is on time (9/2/19)

Here it is! Enjoy.

DgH is up (8/26/19)

The comic is updated! Welcome back, RIT students! That is all!

On time yet again! (8/19/19)

Demongate High is updated. This one took a long time thanks to the ongoing many-participant fight scene. =_=

On time (8/12/19)

Demongate High is on time. That is all.

Updated! (8/5/19)

Demongate High is up. Sorry for the day of lateness. At least the comic got done, though! I wasn't sure it would.

DgH is up (7/29/19)

Demongate High is on time for a change! No promises for next week, though.

1300 pages! (7/22/19)

Demongate High is up! And we hit another big milestone this week: Demongate High just hit 1300 pages! That is a lot of Demongate High. I've been thinking about how far I want to take this, and the current characters' storyline is now roughly half done. There is still plenty to tell after that, too, but I just am not sure how long I want to keep this up, as we're looking at like another seven years to finish the story of Rosalee and Ewan. =_=

DgH is up (7/1/19)

Demongate High is updated for the week. No update next week.