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The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Updated (8/15/16)

Demongate High is updated! On time! Woo hoo! This week marks the start of the fall semester at RIT, so welcome back, everyone! And back to the grind for me too.

Updated (8/15/16)

Demongate High is up a day late again, and coloring took forever as usual. I need a better process for this, or fewer pages, or something... I really don't want to cut down the page count, though, as 5 works out really well for telling the story in little chunks. I guess we shall see.

Updated (8/9/16)

Finally got Demongate High up. Many apologies for the lateness, and the lack of DoormaNt that I'd started working on. Maybe someday soon...

DgH is up! (7/25/16)

As promised.

Late, but at least it's done. (7/12/16)

Enjoy! Probably no comic next week, but we'll see.

Happy Independence Day (7/4/16)

And what better way to celebrate than by demonstrating how much of a slave I am to the comic? Ugh. Here it is, 10 pages and all. Enjoy!

Demongate High is on time for a change. (6/20/16)

Here it is! Still took a long time, but I guess it turned out OK. Really cramming a lot of plot into the issues now.

Happy 700th page! (6/13/16)

Demongate High is up. Sorry for the lack of update last week. In any case, we hit 700 pages this week! Enjoy!

On time! (5/30/16)

Demongate High is up! Started days early, took forever, and may or may not have some inherent plot holes... but it's there!

Late again, but updated (5/23/16)

Demongate High is up. It only took another 2 whole days. And I seemed to be making good progress on Sunday this time. Anyway, all updated, albeit a day late.