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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH is back up, on time (12/16/18)

Here it is! I really don't mean for this week-skipping to be a regular thing.

DgH is on time (12/3/18)

For a change! That is all.

DgH Updated! (11/26/18)

Here it is! A day late, I know. I spent most of Sunday wrestling with my new computer. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy!

Demongate High is back (11/19/18)

Enjoy! Should be on time next week as well.

DgH on time! (11/5/18)

Here it is, all updated on time and everything. No comic next week, for sure, so check back in two weeks!

DgH was almost on time this week. (10/29/18)

But at least it's updated. Yay, violence!

DgH: Very late, but updated. (10/23/18)

Here it is. Enjoy!

DgH is late, but hopefully worth the wait (10/8/18)

Here you go! A little bit late, I know. Inking and coloring took FOREVER this week. There might not be an update next week, but we'll see.

Up on time! (10/1/18)

Demongate High is updated, enjoy!

Back and on time! (9/24/18)

Demongate High is up!