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The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

No Demongate High (12/5/16)

No update this week. Next week, though! And I'll be posting a draft of my finally-finished 2015-2016 NaNoWriMo/story I started 20 years ago and finally finished soon, too!

Demongate High is up (11/28/16)

Here ya go! I'm surprised it's actually on time, given how long just a couple things in it took this week. Ugh.

Demongate High is back! (11/21/16)

And we're back! Sorry for missing two weeks in a row. It was nice having a little bit of a break, and I feel better about the comic now.

Unfortunately, no comic this week. (11/13/16)

I ended up having a work thing all day Saturday which completely wiped me out for Sunday and I needed the break. I hope to be back next week, so please don’t give up!

Happy Halloween! (10/31/16)

Demongate Highis up, late thanks to my iPad needing an update halfway through Sunday. Remember the Darkbolt days, when I'd post a pic of everyone in Halloween costumes every year? Yeah, that was awesome... Anyway, a bit late, but here we are, all updated. No comic next week, for sure, as I'll be pretty swamped with the gigantic GSRPG based on the extended universe of Demongate High, the Realm of Pyre. Many thanks ahead of time to Neil, Jon, and everyone else helping out!

DgH is actually up! (10/17/16)

Enjoy! Actually managed to update two weeks in a row?? Wow.

DgH is on time! (9/26/16)

For once, Demongate High is actually on time! And it only kind of sucks, not the usual amount. ^_^

DgH is up! (9/20/16)

Took a while, but here it is! Enjoy!

No DgH this week (9/12/16)

No comic this week. I had a really busy weekend with my GSRPG, Emergence, running on Saturday and leaving me completely wiped out. Should be back next week. And just a reminder: a usually only post here if the comic has updated, but I post to Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook with all updates yay or nay, so be sure to follow/check there!

DgH is back (9/5/16)

Demongate High is up finally, a whole week late. Enjoy!