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The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High updated on time (5/14/18)

Demongate High is up on time! And don't forget, I put all Ewan and Rosalee's T-shirts up on Redbubble!

Demongate High and more (5/8/18)

Late, I know, but at least the comic is up for the week! I managed to do a new title pic, and updated the Characters page. Plus, I put all Ewan and Rosalee's T-shirts up on Redbubble! Still trying to figure out how to best show the items there, as it defaults to some weird articles of clothing rather than the T-shirts I want to show...

Demongate High is up (4/23/18)

All updated for the week! I need to update the characters page, too...

As promised, DgH is back this week (4/16/18)

Enjoy! Even on time, too!

Demongate High updated, nothing next week (4/2/18)

Here we are, on time and everything! No comic next week, so we'll continue our story in two weeks.

Demongate High is up (3/26/18)

On time yet again! And it's back to the Demon World...

Demongate High updated (3/19/18)

Here you go. The next leg of our journey begins.

Demongate High: Fenrir's back! (3/11/18)

On time again! Time for Ewan's long-overdue chat with Fenrir. Poor Fenrir...

Demongate High updated (3/4/18)

Here it is! Early, with some stuff I luckily didn't forget TOO late. ^_^

Demongate High: Demon Days of Summer (2/26/18)

And we're back, with the new story arc! Sorry for the lack of updates, just needed a break. And it is awfully nice not to have to spend my entire Sunday working on this comic... anyway, we're now finally getting to the really good stuff in the story! Enjoy!