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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

A tad late, but updated! (12/11/17)

Sorry to keep you waiting!

DgH arc 3's final battle... (12/4/17)

And here we are, the final confrontation. I hope you are prepared for this week. ^_^

A day late but at least DgH is up (11/28/17)

Finally up. And a day late, sorry about that. The weekend was a bit of a mess, with our water heater springing a leak in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner and being unable to be fixed until Monday. And then there was work, too. Anyway, here we go, finally reaching this arc's climax!

Demongate High! (11/19/17)

Here it is! A teeny bit early again, after last week's absence. I hope this current confrontation didn't end too abruptly. I'm relatively happy with the outcome, just don't want it to seem too easy for our heroes...

Demongate High is up (11/5/17)

A teeny bit early, to my own surprise! And I'm hoping to wrap up this storyline in 10 issues to keep us on the same pattern of ending on a multiple of 100, but we'll see if I can pull that off. ^_^; There may be no update next week, due to other things going on, but be sure to check back and see.

DgH is a tad late (10/31/17)

Enjoy! Sorry for the slight delay. Very busy, as always. =_=

Demongate High is back up (10/22/17)

And here it is! Back on time! After finishing this issue, I realize it and next week are glossing over a few things... more artifacts of Year 2 being a big old mess in my notes. Ugh. Anyway, enjoy!

DgH is up on time (10/9/17)

Here it is! Thought it would be late, but I guess when I only have to color two characters it goes faster.

DgH is back up (10/2/17)

DgH is back! Sorry for the lack of update last week. I had tons of stuff going on and knew I wouldn't have the time. Anyway, all is back to normal now, so enjoy!

DgH Updated (9/17/17)

Demongate High is on time again! However, there will be no comic next week, as I have a very packed weekend, and this semester is proving insanely busy, so there's no way I'll be able to work on anything during the week. See you in 2!