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The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH Updated (9/17/17)

Demongate High is on time again! However, there will be no comic next week, as I have a very packed weekend, and this semester is proving insanely busy, so there's no way I'll be able to work on anything during the week. See you in 2!

Updated: Demongate High (9/11/17)

Demongate High is on time again, imagine that!

Demongate High is back up (9/4/17)

Here it is, on time somehow. I've also posted a link to on the DgH main page, so if you feel like donating to the worthy cause of keeping the comic coming every week, please feel free! I would really appreciate it. ^_^

Demongate High is up! (8/20/17)

Demongate High is on time this week, primarily thanks to my extremely lazy approach to the panels this time around. It actually came back to bite me, though, as arranging all the dialogue on so few panels is actually a really big challenge. =_=

Latest DgH (8/14/17)

Demongate High is lightly late, but at least we've got an update this week! Enjoy. ^_^

Wow! (8/9/17)

Demongate High is actually on time this week! Something must be wrong with me. ^_^

Yay for getting sick (8/2/17)

Demongate High is finally up. My apologies for the lateness. I was sick. But here we are, and should be on time next week as well! I just want to get this storyline wrapped up (the end is in sight) so we can get to where things feel a lot more cohesive, and we get to a couple of my favorite characters.

DgH is back (7/24/17)

Demongate High is up. On time again! Sorry for no update last week, and I hope everyone saw my posts on the various social medias. Anyway, back to it! Enjoy!

DgH is on time (7/10/17)

Posted right on schedule! On time, though inking this week took FOREVER. I thought it would be done early and everything, but then it turned into a massive undertaking. And I am not real happy with how it turned out, either. Oh well, I hope you enjoy.

Latest Demongate High (7/3/17)

DgH is back! Sorry for the lack of an update last week. Enjoy!