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Latest update: Issue 223 (9/3/18)

My apologies for no updates the past couple weeks. I've been really busy with work and other stuff, and then got sick and didn't have much energy to devote to the comic. I'm now trying to get this next batch of the story just right, since I seem to have accidentally retconned a bunch of stuff, and it's all really important turning-point type stuff that I need to make sure I have just right. Next week may well not see an update either, as I have a big GSRPG on Saturday and I will probably be completely exhausted Sunday, but we'll see! Again, sorry for being a slacker. I am definitely not ending the comic or anything, don't worry!

The story so far:

Ewan and Rosalee have reached the end of their second year at Demongate High, having now thwarted the fallen angel Mammon's attempt to corrupt the Ark of the Covenant, at the loss of their friend Ingo. Ingo's soul, however, is still missing.

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