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The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

New DgH (5/15/17)

Demongate High is finally up. Slightly late, an issue exacerbated by my host apparently going down for a while when I was trying to upload. Anyway, it\'s up now, so enjoy!

New DgH (5/15/17)

Demongate High is up! On time again, despite not really getting off to an early start. I think it actually came out OK this week, though the progression of this battle scene went a little differently from what I intended. I just hope I can get it to end where it needs to!

DgH updated (5/7/17)

Demongate High is actually on time, wow! Enjoy!

Demongate High is updated (4/24/17)

Demongate High is up, a day late again, but here we are! Had to retcon and rework a whole ton of stuff, basically revamping the entire storyline from this point on in this story arc. Year 2 was by far my least favorite part of the campaign. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it wrapping up, but that won't be for a while yet.

Back after a brief break (4/18/17)

Demongate High is properly updated.

April Fools'! (4/2/17)

DgH is up (ish). Enjoy the April 1 special, and we'll be back with a regular update in 2 weeks.

Demongate High is up! (3/27/17)

On time again! Not perfect, there are a few art screwups here, but at least it's done...

Demongate High is up on time. (3/20/17)

Here you go! There's a lot of conversation/exposition, so I hope it is still readable. Enjoy. ^_^

Demongate High updated (3/13/17)

Demongate High is back up. Sorry for the lengthy lack of updates. On top of the setbacks of being sick and generally a slacker, this one also took a long time to get colored. Anyway, we're back, so enjoy!

Demongate High is up (2/20/17)

On time somehow! Took a long time to color, but at least it's done. Now to get a headstart on next week...