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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH is late, but hopefully worth the wait (10/8/18)

Here you go! A little bit late, I know. Inking and coloring took FOREVER this week. There might not be an update next week, but we'll see.

Up on time! (10/1/18)

Demongate High is updated, enjoy!

Back and on time! (9/24/18)

Demongate High is up!

A tad late... (9/3/18)

Demongate High is late, but up! The next few weeks are pretty crazy for me, so I can't guarantee regular updates, but I will try!

DgH is up (8/26/18)

Demongate High is on time! Yay! And it's also back to school time at RIT, so welcome back everyone!

Updated, ugh. (8/20/18)

Demongate High is updated. Slightly late, I know. Busy weekend. Next weekend might also be really busy, given that classes at RIT start back up next week, which means it's back to work for me. Stay tuned, I guess!

On time again! (8/13/18)

DgH is up. Enjoy!

Up on time! (8/6/18)

Beware the wrath of Rosalee! And, as always, enjoy. ^_^

Demongate High is updated! (7/30/18)

Here it is. Should be on time next week!

Demongate High is up, at least for this week (7/8/18)

Back for this week! As mentioned previously, there will be no comic next week. Hopefully it will be up the week after, but I make no promises.