DoormaNt Characters

Ashe Locke Ashe Locke
Ashe (AH-shay) is an 11-year-old boy of African descent, who has been working an exhausting job for two years to care for his mentally ill mother. Ashe can speak with the kami of doors, a talent he feels is useless save for landing him a job as doorman in the Powers Hotel. He is shy and deeply insecure of his place in society and his own potential. While uneducated, he is smart and curious, and wants to learn. Others have seen some unknown potential in him, somehow related to his kami.

Anila Dubashi Anila Dubashi
Anila hails from the windy Indian island of Rameswaram, where communicating with the kami of wind is commonplace. Part of a very large family, she was chosen to go to school and, now that she is 16, to travel to America, the Land of Opportunity, to find a job and support her family. Upon arriving in Rochester, the pack containing all her worldly belongings was stolen by a hobo who communicates with the kami of cloth. In chasing him down, she found her way to the Powers Hotel, where she met both Ashe and Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith Mr. Smith
"A chemist by training and an inventor by trade," Mr. Smith is an enigmatic businessman, concealing his true identity behind what is obviously a pseudonymn. He is friendly and generous, perhaps a more widespread philanthropist, and has taken a liking to Ashe. While Ashe appreciates his generosity, he still feels somewhat suspicious of the man, especially now that he has offered both Ashe and Anila a mysterious job, to "save humanity from the greatest threat it has ever known."

Inari Inari
Outwardly, Inari appears to be a ten-year-old Japanese girl with white hair and foxlike eyes. In truth, she is the kami of humanity, and is desperate to protect humanoty, and by extension herself, from the coming yokai onslaught. To that end, she has joined with Mr. Smith to form the Shugenja group, hoping to bring together the most powerful messengers to combat the yokai.

TJ Wilcox TJ Wilcox
TJ Wilcox is an adventurous young man with the ability to speak to the kami of animals. He has spent the past few years traveling the world, and, despite his young age, has a good amount of practical experience in a range of fields. He is good-natured and easy-going, with a strong sense of right and wrong. He never seems to take off his dark-tinted goggles, though...

Ulfric Ulfric
Ulfric is an arctic wolf that TJ picked up in his recent travels in the Arctic Circle. Ulfric is particularly unusual in that he has the ability to communicate with the kami of ice. Protective of his companion (who he certainly doesn't see as a "master" in any sense), Ulfric is also suprisingly cunning with his kami.

Scotty Forge Scotty Forge
Scotty Forge is an emotionally disturbed pyromaniac with the ability to speak to the kami of fire. He has exceptionally well-developed talents in this area, and can communicate with flames without even speaking, and can even call flame-kami seemingly out of thin air. Apprehended in Rosendale, the town he burned to the ground, Scotty has no desire to work with his captors.

Thomas Edison Thomas Edison
Edison is an inventor and businessman, formerly the employer of Nikola Tesla, who is currently building a mysterious apparatus for Mr. Smith. Edison seems friendly enough on the surface, but is a ruthless businessman, and seems focused entirely on his own ambition, to the exclusion and detriment of all other people or interests. He now considers Tesla to be the greatest threat to his own financial success.

Brent Volpe Brent Volpe
Brent Volpe is one of Edison's assistants, apparently able to communicate with the kami of fire and highly talented with metalworking. He is young but talented, polite but mysterious. He has earned Edison's implicit trust it would seem.

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla
Tesla, a brilliant inventor and master of eelctricity, has been working out of his own New York City laboratory since he left Edison's Machine Works. He knows Mr. Smith well, and the two seem to have a relationship that may be more than mere friendship. Tesla is also aware of Inari and Shugenja's work, though he hasn't officially been hired by the organization.

Akaname Akaname
Akaname is a frog-like yokai with mottled skin, bulging eyes, and a powerful, long tongue. He has been sent by his brethren to kill Ashe, who the yokai believe is a serious threat to their plans for the human race. He seems invincible, being almost impervious to damage and able to quickly recover from any damage he actually sustains.

Oni Oni
Oni is an enormous red ogre-like yokai with three eyes, ivory horns, and a massive sword. While physically imposing and sharing the murderous intentions for humanity of his fellow yokai, he seems patient and stoic: a frighteningly calm warrior.

The Locksmith The Locksmith
The Locksmith is the mysterious man Ashe has encountered after stepping through a mysterious door while fleeing from Akaname. The Locksmith keeps his face hidden beneath a kerchief, and hasn't given any indication of who he really is, though he seems to know an awful lot about Ashe and his powers.

Amaterasu Amaterasu
Amaterasu, the kami of the sun, is proud and somewhat vain, but seems to have an interest in humanity's survival. While she puts on an air of neutrality, she is helping the Locksmith, due to some "deal" the two of them worked out.