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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH update (1/9/22)

Once again, updated on time. Thinking about it, haven't actually had a "late" update in a long time! Anyway, enjoy! Almost to the end of this current story arc.

DgH is up (1/9/22)

Here it is!

Happy New Year! (1/2/22)

Here's the update! Enjoy!

DgH is up (12/19/21)

Updated here. Not sure about the next two weeks. With Christmas and New Year's happening on Saturdays, I might end up not being able to get it done. We'll see!

Demongate High is updated (12/12/21)

Here it is! Enjoy my weirdly paced jump to the next plot point, which in retrospect I realize will need some explanation. =_=

Ewan vs. Kaz (12/5/21)

Comic is updated!

The Tournament Begins! (11/21/21)

Here’s the update for the week. No comic next week, due to Thanksgiving and all.

Demongate High is Updated (11/14/21)

Here it is.

DgH Updated (11/7/21)

Demongate High is updated quite a few hours early this week! I know it's a bit talky, but a lot of this week needed to be said.

Demongate High is updated for Halloween! (10/31/21)

Here it is. It's a Halloween update, but it isn't very Halloweeny...