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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High - 1600 pages! (1/29/20)

Updated! Wow, 1600 pages! Almost skipped this week, but decided to soldier through. So much other stuff to work on...

Demongate High is up (1/22/20)

For all your reading pleasure! Sorry about the extensive reuse of panels.

Demongate High updated (1/15/20)

Here it is. Enjoy.

DgH is up (1/8/20)

Here you go. Not much else to say.

DgH update (1/1/20)

Here's the update! On time again, whee. Also revised a short story previously linked from the main Darkbolt site, The Book of Scheherazade.

DgH is updated (10/25/20)

Right here. Nothing more to say!

Demongate High is back (10/18/20)

Here ye be! A few hours early, even.

Demongate High is up (10/4/20)

Here ya go! I'm always happy to be able to bring Tina back into the story. I love drawing her, and she's such a great character...

DgH is a tad early again (9/27/20)

Here it is. I don't know why I have such a hard time drawing Lucifer consistently. Sometimes he just comes out horribly ugly and asymmetrical. Ugh.

DgH is up! (9/20/20)

Even a few hours early! Not much more to say. Enjoy!

DgH updated (9/13/20)

Updated on time! And apparently last week I didn't have the right date or issues number? If you missed it, yes, there was an update last week. Sorry about that.