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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

DgH updated! (8/9/20)

Demongate High is all updated! And also please check out my books on Amazon!

DgH and books (8/2/20)

Demongate High is updated for the week. Also, please check out my books now available in print and digital on Amazon!

Demongate High is up after a week's absence (7/26/20)

Here it is. Sorry for the lack of an update last week.

Demongate High 301 is up (7/13/20)

All updated for the week. There might not be an update next week, we'll see. In the meantime, enjoy!

Demongate High is 300! (7/6/20)

Well, 300 issues, at least. And 1510 pages. That's a lot of Demongate High... And I would estimate this "campaign" is about half done at this point. I'm still not sure if I will want to continue all the story I have once Ewan and Rosalee's stories are finished in another 8 years, but we'll see!

DgH is up! (6/29/20)

Here it is, on time! Not much else to say. Enjoy!

DgH is early (6/21/20)

A little bit early, thanks to the judicious re-use of existing panels (which always manages to backfire on me to some extent). Anyway, we are now up to 1500 pages, but still two weeks away from issue 300. Almost there!

DgH update (6/15/20)

Here it is! Almost to 300 issues... wow!

Demongate High is up (6/8/20)

Another week, another update. That is all. Please enjoy.

Demongate High is updated (5/31/20)

All updated! Enjoy!