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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High is a little early! (6/19/22)

Here! And to think, I expected to be late... anyway, enjoy!

Demongate High is up (6/12/22)

Here ya go! Hopefully next week will be up on time, but we'll have to see.

Demongate High is updated (6/5/22)

Enjoy! I had to mess with 3D rendering for those pesky fighter jets... I thought it would save me time, but it might have taken longer than just hand-drawing them.

Demongate High hits 1900 pages! (5/29/22)

I realize the previous story arc was way too long. A lot happened... hopefully this one won’t drag as much, though. Anyway, here we go!

Demongate High is up on time (5/22/22)


DgH updated (5/15/22)

Here it is!

Demongate High is up! (5/8/22)

Sorry for missing a week! Here’s the update, I hope it was worth the wait!

Update! (4/24/22)

Demongate High is up. I’m particularly pleased with the effect on panel 3 (I know, it’s a really tiny thing, just came out the way I wanted). Otherwise... it’s an update. Enjoy!

Demongate High: The Twilight Legion begins! (4/17/22)

And we're back! Sorry for the wait, I hope you enjoy the next arc!

Demongate High: Revelations Concludes! (3/13/22)

And here it is, the end of Revelations! We’ve got 10 pages this week, which concludes the current arc, so make sure you don't miss those second five pages! Amazingly, Revelations started just over three years ago... In any case, I’m going to be taking a few weeks off, so please watch for updates!