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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High is updated (5/31/20)

All updated! Enjoy!

DgH is back (5/25/20)

And we're back! Almost didn't update, thanks to my computer being on the perpetual fritz. I guess it's time I finally broke down and reformat the whole thing. Sigh... Anyway, I also updated the Redbubble store with new DgH t-shirts!

DgH updated (5/10/20)

All updated! I keep thinking of taking a week off, but then I realize I'm really into where the story is right now and I don't want to stop! Anyway, I also fixed a couple hiccups in last week's pages that I somehow missed.

Demongate High is up (5/4/20)

Here it is, updated on time once again. Seems to be a trend lately. Hopefully I can keep it up. ^_^

Updated! (4/26/20)

Here's this week's Demongate High.

DgH is updated (4/19/20)

On time once again. Many thanks to Michelle for this week's flashbacky lore panels!

Comic = updated (4/13/20)

Demongate High is updated! Not much else to report. Enjoy!

DgH is back! (4/5/20)

Back up!. Sorry for the lack of updates last week. I blame the cornoavirus. No, I'm not sick. It just created far more work for me than anticipated. Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Hopefully I can bring at least a little bit of a distraction from these uncertain times with the ongoing DgH story.

DgH is up (3/22/20)

All updated! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy amidst this crazy COVID-19 ordeal. Take care of yourselves, and try to stay home so you don't spread this thing even more. Oh, and if you've been having trouble getting the site to load, try adding https:// to the URL. I think I finally have SSL working.

DgH update (3/15/20)

Here it is. On time update and everything. Enjoy!