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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High is up (5/21/23)

Here ya go! The battle goes on...

Comic updated (5/14/23)

Here it is. The fight against Lilith continues. In the original game, it actually went really fast. So maybe I'll try to get it wrapped up so the plot can go on...

DgH this week (5/7/23)

Updated! I didn't even bother trying to "conveniently cover" some of the nudity this week... and just ended up making Lilith anatomically incorrect instead. I wonder if I should even bother... For the record, Lilith is not a Barbie doll. ^_^

Demongate High posted (4/30/23)

All updated for the week! Enjoy!

Demongate High (4/23/23)

The comic is updated, though it took a long time thanks to a stupid update screwing up Photoshop. Thanks, Adobe... Anyway, enjoy.

Demongate High is up (4/16/23)

Updated! Not much more to say.

Demongate High is back (4/9/23)

Back! Sorry for the lack of an update last week. It seems that work stuff interferes more and more with updates these days...

Updated! (3/26/23)

Here is the latest DgH. There will be no comic next week due to work stuff, so check back in 2!

Demongate High (3/19/23)

Updated. That's all!

Demongate High updated! (3/12/23)

Comic is up! I also fixed the fact that I forgot to put shadows on the ground the past couple of weeks...