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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High update (2/25/24)

Enjoy! Not much else to say.

Demongate High is, indeed, up this week! (2/18/24)

Here it is! I managed to get it all done, despite everything else going on.

DgH = up (2/11/24)

Updated I've got another megagame this coming Saturday, which will probably wipe me out, so I'm not sure if there will be an update next week, but we'll see!

Update (2/4/24)

And now we begin the reliving of a year in the life of Rosalee, Ewan, and Daisy...

Back from hiatus with the new story arc! (1/28/24)

Here it is! Not much more to say other than sorry for the wait. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! (12/31/23)

This week is the final issue of The Twilight Legion, and I'm going to be taking a couple weeks off, so check back or follow the socials (I'm also now on Bluesky). In the meantime, enjoy the conclusion, and Happy New Year!

Second to last update of the year! (12/24/23)

Merry Christmas, enjoy the ongoing violence and death! Next week will be the final issue of the current story arc, and I might then take a couple weeks off, we'll see.

Finally got this week done. (12/17/23)

It took forever. It's proving to be a challenge to get this story arc wrapped up by the end of the year, so I hope things don't seem rushed. I feel like I'm having to cut some corners here and there.

Demongate High = Updated! (12/10/23)

Enjoy! We're nearing the end of the current arc; I'm hoping to get it wrapped up in time for the new year, but we'll see!

DgH is up despite server issues (12/3/23)

Here it is. There were some issues with my hosting service, hopefully nobody saw them and thought I'd shut down the site.